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Overloaded | Hellfire | review | metal | Lollipop


Hellfire EP
Hail the Kingdom
by Scott Hefflon

Stifle that chuckle that '80s metal is still kickin' 20 years later, cuz plenty of die-hard fans hang onto their Skid Row CD and tell you to fuck off when you giggle, right? If Buckcherry can stay on the radio, and Adam Sandler keeps slipping hard rock and metal into that one movie he keeps remaking, that's a pretty decent indicator that this style of metal still gets the fists pounding. From Detroit, where they don't take kindly to emoting sissy rock, these boys pound like WASP, howl like Halford, and "Shotgun City" beats "Jamie's Got a Gun" (cuz that song's lame, admit it) but falls shy of Cats in Boots "Shotgun Sally," as if more than 1% of you know what I'm talking about. Fuck ironic love of ‘80s metal, just admit it, this stuff is a lot of fun. Those people looking at you funny at the stop light need to lighten up.


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