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EarlyMay | Little Answers | review | rock | Lollipop


Little Answers (Mother West)
by Scott Hefflon

In a mere six songs, EarlyMay's sophmore release accomplishes what far more established bands fail to do: Release a record that hits the mark every time. There's not a dog on here, the weakest track being closer "What You Wanted," which is evidently intentionally stripped down and dark. Interestingly, Ours keeps popping into my head, yet Earlymay is significantly less melodramatic, and sure doesn't skip up into falsetto-land at the drop of a hat. They stay grounded, build the songs up organically, using the simple idea of increasing tension by starting with a simple opening, which increases in intensity and urgency, building to a crescendo of powerful vocals and struck and held chords, but never actually howling or relying on a wall of distorted guitar. As each song ends, you find you've leaned forward and tensed up along with the song. That's dynamic songwriting, ya know? Keep an eye on this band.


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