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Kate Bush | Under Review | review | dvd | Lollipop

Kate Bush

Under Review (MVD)
by Tim Den

As with the other Under Review installments, this round table discussion about Kate Bush by certain "authorities" is little more than a generalized overview of her career. It doesn't "critically analyze" as much as it mentions artistic and commercial milestones as it follows Bush through her career, offering opinions from music journalists and radio DJs instead of anyone close to her. As I was only intimate with Hounds of Love (regarded as her best album) prior to this viewing, I was pleased to hear clips of and see videos from her entire catalog. So, in a sense, I've just been given a crash-course on Kate Bush that will influence my decision to continue to collect her records. But have I been given some sort of a magical portal into her creativity? Motivation? Muse? World outlook? Certainly not. I can now only safely say that, yes, Hounds of Love is definitely her best album, but not much beyond that.

Approach with caution: If you're a newcomer to Kate Bush (like myself), it certainly serves as a good starting point.


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