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Twin Method | The Volume of Self | review | metal | Lollipop

Twin Method

The Volume of Self (Crash)
by Martin Popoff

It takes guts 'n' guile to make textbook nü metal these days, but that's what this irritating Liverpool band is up to. I suppose that's the novelty right there: A UK band playing a tired and beaten American style (remember One Minute Silence? Me either.). The shouty-to-emo vocals are here, as well as the drop-downs to mellow versus, the boinging post-Roots doompunk riffs, and even the shade and shape of hip-hop beats and point-void trippy electronica in the recurring keys. While we haven't been watching, part of nü went heavy and became metalcore, and the other part went left into punk and Goth and Gothpunk, essentially the stuff they play on classic rock radio to sound current. This could fit there (and the band make sure they get their hair done right, just in case there's any confusion). Produced by Logan Mader of Machine Head, who had their own run-in with nü metal before bounding back to respectability.


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