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Terror 2000 | Terror For Sale | review | metal | Lollipop

Terror 2000

Terror For Sale (Nuclear Blast)
by Tim Den

A big fucking PINT of the harshest whiskey to Terror 2000 for bringing humor back into aggressive metal. Put this up there with S.O.D. for being able to absolutely tear you to shreds with riffs, yet tickle your funny bone with lyrics about Satan having a BBQ, death metal vocalists sounding like Cookie Monster, and even "bling bling." Come on, how can you resist titles like "Metal Mosh Massacre," "Flesh Fever Fiesta," and (my favorite) "Liquor Saved Me From Sports" (vocalist Bjorn "Speed" Strid - also of Soilwork [as if you didn't know] - was almost a professional hockey player)? Again, like S.O.D., this is what happens when you get a bunch of super-talented guys (who happen to be good friends) together and let 'em have fun. It sounds natural, the chemistry is obvious, and you're almost shocked from how awesome the songs are. Featuring members of Darkane and Constructdead, Terror 2000 blaze with The Crown's speed and affinity for a bluesy rock 'n' roll feel, while staying thoroughly on this side of fast thrash. Speed, as always, is a master of phrasing, and he comes armed with an arsenal of voices, growling/singing/shouting like Swedish metal's Mike Patton. If you can catch your breath between the ridiculously-paced songs, you'll lose it all over again from looking at the liner notes: Members are listed as Dave-Mustaine-at-his-best-vox/flawless falsetto (Speed) and Raggadish/paku paku/ding ding/bagadubush (drummer Erik Ebi Thy Selius). Dude, I'm almost jealous of how much fun these guys must've had putting this together. Must be nice to be hilarious AND sick musicians, huh?

Terror For Sale is essential. An undeniably good time with some of modern metal's brightest. S.O.who?


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