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Demented Are Go | Hillbilly Storm | review | punk | Lollipop

Demented Are Go

Hillbilly Storm (Hep Cat)
by Craig Regala

One of the great things about reviewing recs for a few decades is stuff gets send to you that may be outside of the genre what-not you generally throw the horns to. To wit: Hillbilly Storm. I'm eatin' this one wholesale. They started in 198-fucking-2! The rambunctious culture at the time was flowing with proto-hardcore, revamped rockabilly and ghoulish Goth yearnings. To put it in band language, set the way back machine to '82 and Google The Cramps, Misfits, Ray Campi, and Hammer Horror. Here inlay clues, similitudes and parentage.

Beyond that, is it any good? Yeah, it is. The ass end thumps and bumps. It's raw cut and pointed in one direction, but in a full-on way that's halfway to '70s glam's big beat, as well as the primal '50s nervous hiccup. The songs register as specific entities, vary tempo, feelings - well, creepy to amped-up to cranky to surly...

Man, if these guys aren't on the short list of legendary long-timers, I'll trade your vodka gimlet and iPod for a bullet belt and shot of Ketamine and write'm in with my own fucking blood while I drink yours, you dickless wonder.


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