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Good Clean Fun | Between Christian Rock and a Hard Place | review | punk | Lollipop

Good Clean Fun

Between Christian Rock and a Hard Place (Equal Vision)
by Tim Den

Good god we need Good Clean Fun right now! Not only is the music in today's hardcore/punk/emo scenes stale as month-old gym socks, but eyeliner/bed-headed boys desperately need to be made fun of by the likes of Mr. Issa. And what better way to do it than with early 7 Seconds-ish melodicore? Retaining the primitive stylings of the genre's musical beginnings, Good Clean Fun also carry over the honesty and enthusiasm that has long been extinct. Even as songs like "A Little Bit Emo, a Little Bit Hardcore" expose poser boys who know Dashboard Confessional but not Fugazi, Mr. Issa manages to turn tongue-in-cheek criticism into something constructive. Nothing is ever mean-spirited, rather, the songs point out specific issues that can always be improved with the right approach and perspective. And come on, there's a song about falling in love over Myspace and then getting your heart broken! How fucking hilariously contemporary is that!? Maybe it would be more novelty than substance in another's hands, but Good Clean Fun proved long ago that they are quite agile in their balance of satire and musical loyalty. So pick up Between Christian Rock and a Hard Place for some laughs and finger-pointing singalongs!


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