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Funker Vogt | Navigator | review | electro | Lollipop

Funker Vogt

Navigator (Metropolis)
by DJ Carrion

Three years have passed since the previous album, Survivor, came out. How does Navigator hold up after almost 11 years in business, and a host of side-projects including Fictional, Ravenous, and Fusspils 11? It holds up pretty damn well. With all the wars and current problems in the world, Funker Vogt has no shortage of inspiration to continue creating dance floor anthem after anthem.

As usual, the music is very formulaic, but with every album, you're never let down, unless you prefer their older, gritty material. The vocals continue to evolve into a cleaner sound, and the production is superb.

Funker Vogt's artwork usually conveys the theme of the album. Execution Tracks displayed a war zone through the eyes of a telescope, and the theme could be considered pure war. For Survivor, a soldier standing alone by a water fall, the album focusing on the singular ordeals of one person in the face of war. The theme of Navigator has a vessel/sea theme to it, which is represented by the submarine on the cover.

If you miss that heavy guitar sound, I suggest seeking out the "Fallen Hero" single. There you'll find a remix by the Birthday Massacre that gives it a heavy aggro/industrial feel with a hint of B-Day Massacre's sense of melody and programming.


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