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Aloha | Some Echoes | review | alternative | Lollipop


Some Echoes (Polyvinyl)
by Tim Den

Where can Aloha possibly go after the balancing act of Here Comes Everyone? Having merged the technicality of their past with accessible, melodic hooks on said album, what frontiers are left to conquer? On Some Echoes, the band don’t look to conquer new territory as much as expand upon what they’ve already cultivated, meaning less virtuosity and more memorability. Musical prowess has been minimalized and hidden into the details - the tom flourishes on opener "Brace Your Face" - as repeating motifs and "hooks" take center stage. All is right, no? Unfortunately, only if the hooks are better than the ones on Some Echoes. There are no "All the Wars" or "Perry Como Gold" here, instead a batch of rather lackluster, semi slow-moving vignettes that feel dragging. Nothing terrible or unwelcome, mind you, but also nothing that will make you jump for joy or, more importantly, feel that Here Comes Everyone has been deservedly followed-up. If you are new to the band, pick up Here Comes Everyone and Sugar before tackling this.


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