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YOB | The Unreal Never Lived | review | rock | Lollipop


The Unreal Never Lived (Metal Blade)
by Ari M. Joffe

The Unreal Never Lived is the first music I've heard from YOB, and man am I blown away. This power trio from Oregon crafts textured, moody, sometimes spacey, sometimes crushing, always intriguing jams of the stoner/doom variety. The band ride their songs out, maintaining a focused groove as they shift from full-bodied power riff into fragile, melodic passages. They never get too busy for their own good, either. Rather than trying to cram a million parts into a single song, YOB are content to bend a riff into shape, allowing the tune to stretch and grow into itself.

This one's an instant classic, in my book. Unfortunately, it seems I've shown up late to the dance. The group disbanded earlier this year, shortly after the release of this album. Regardless, every fan of heavy music should check this one out, pronto.


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