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Go Mental (Cheapskate)
by Ewan Wadharmi

I own the entire Ramones catalog, including the much-maligned Acid Eaters. So I'm hard-pressed to find and excuse to own this. But I'll press on, in case you think it may complete your collection. Not only is Marky's bastard bowl-cut son in this tribute, they feel it necessary to mention the Ramones by name in several songs, and even go as far as to re-write Ramones tunes in a Hanna-Barbara cartoon fashion. You may recognize the lyrics "KGB's took my girl away" as well as the "Shock Therapy at The Zoo" (combining two Ramones themes), and too many versions of "Rock and Roll High School" to name. Assuming I thought carrying on the drab four's tradition was a noble idea, I would offer this advice: Go back to the thirty-second song, then find your own identity. The Rydells' Jimmy, Denny, and Billy write short enough songs, but repeat them into annoyance.


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