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Magnet | The Tourniquet | review | alternative | Lollipop


The Tourniquet (Filter)
by Tim Den

Yet another illuminative, wonderous collection from Mr. Even Johanssen, by far superior to his previous works (including the splendid On Your Side). Magnet, as he chooses to call himself, can make space age swells feel like crescendoing orchestras (opener "Hold On"), and overall has left behind his last album's desolate, sleepy drawl for a fragile and serene spread of quiet electronica, bolstered by more self-assured vocal melodies that absolutely devastate the heart. Think Caroline's debut EP, Where's My Love, The Album Leaf's most hummable moments, and that unmistakably sense of Scandinavian splendor. Yup, it's enough to make you crave love, lament the lack thereof in your life, reminisce its bittersweet memories, all while making every shade of these sentiments feel like welcoming arms into which you'll want to fall. Whew...


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