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Crowne Vict | A Method to Feel Alive | review | rock | Lollipop

Crowne Vict

A Method to Feel Alive
by Scott Hefflon

Boston band on the move, Crowne Vict impress by getting the details right. From the whisper to a scream hard rock style to the slick production and pro packaging, these tousled-hair brooders know the game. They have a full-bodied guitar push, like active rock oughtta have, not an afterthought, not the crutch used by lots of spiky-haired metal come-latelies in eyeliner. Similarly, Crowne Vict is emotional rock, no doubt, but they aren't sobbing little emo pussies, whining because they started a band and posed for photos but girls still don't like them, sniff.

A careful blending of styles, to be sure. Each member proficient on their instrument, gelling their identity into the whole, no one member showing off center stage. They're hard and groovy enough so the doods don't have to be ashamed to dig 'em, and they have tenderness layered amidst the pounding rock, so girls can dance upfront. A lyric sheet come with the CD, so you can sing along like you've known about the band for years.


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