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The Prozacs | Live At CBGBs | review | punk | Lollipop

The Prozacs

Live At CBGB'S (Cheapskate)
by Ewan Wadharmi

I received another personal message from the cosmic elders delivered by means of the discs for review. That message reads, all living things in the universe are connected by the Ramones. The Cheapskate roster holds them sacrosanct. The Ramones begat Screaching Weasel, whom The Prozacs revere. Screaching Weasel's new disc came from Fat Wreck, whose guru appears with The Real McKenzies. In this delicate tapestry, Springfield's Prozacs are exactly what you hope to hear at CBGB's: Sloppy, snotty, and carefree. Far more upbeat than the name implies, they're energetic and pleased as punch to be performing for your pop-punk entertainment. Every song is precisely the same three-chord affair, I just happen to really like that song a whole hell of a lot. Singer Jay, who may be in all Cheapskate acts, makes a mad attempt to run all over the instruments in a rare case of singer leading the band. The Prozacs are fast, fun, and light on their feet, but this disc sounds like it was recorded in some crappy Podunk club. Oh, right...


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