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Ironhead | Livin Like We Wanna Die | review | rock | Lollipop


Livin' Like We Wanna Die (In Wine Is Truth)
by Craig Regala

Splattered on the wall, no hope, cheap speed, pre-major label mall glam slammed into Rubber City Rebels demos. Kinda what Texas Terry and a couple dozen other retro-engines are fueled on; check the Fistful of Rock series for proof. Good ole shit-sneering, barre-chord smearing U.S. "all punk must rock" action that woulda been Motörhead's tour buddies in '78, had they the metal heft. But hey, Tank they are not. Makes perfect sense Ironhead've got a split with Electric Frankenstein. Total chugga chugga stuff. Don't hear any break-out tunes, but if you're predisposed to such baseline, bash-it-out, fuck-it-up stuff, sell a pint a blood and snatch it up.


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