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Eddie Ojeda | Axes 2 Axes | review | metal | Lollipop

Eddie Ojeda

Axes 2 Axes (Black Lotus)
by Chad Bowar

On his solo debut, Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie Ojeda has recruited some impressive guest musicians. The album kicks off with vocalist Ronnie James Dio, and Joe Lynn Turner also sings on a track. Former bandmate Dee Snider joins the party for an intense cover of the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby." As you'd expect, Ojeda's guitar is front and center on this album, and there are a few instrumentals that feature his axe prowess. He shows off his soloing ability on those tracks, but they also have very catchy riffs and don't seem as self-indulgent as most instrumentals. Ojeda also sings lead on a couple of songs and his bluesy, low-pitched voice actually sounds pretty good. It's an enjoyable melodic rock/AOR album with several good songs and wall to wall excellent guitar.


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