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Nine Pound Hammer | Mulebite Deluxe | review | rock | Lollipop

Nine Pound Hammer

Mulebite Deluxe (Acetate)
by Dan Bernal

Old school GTO drivin’, pissed off at your nowhere life, drinkin’ cheap beer and looking for a fight styled hick-core. Recorded back in the late ’80s (there’s some disparity about exactly what year) and only just released, this record is pretty straight-ahead and doesn’t lead you anywhere unexpected. After a few tunes in nearly the same tempo expounding the virtues of leftover beer and driving wasted, you pretty much get the picture. The sound quality teeters on trashy, with some decent playing by Scott Luallen and Blaine Cartwright from Nashville Pussy, the vocals an underdeveloped Dicky Barrett growl with an exaggerated Southern drawl. There are some interesting cover choices, including the Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, and a few others distilled into NPH’s largely homogenous sound.


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