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Dead Band's Party | Tribute to Oingo Boingo | review | compilation | Lollipop

Dead Band's Party

A Tribute to Oingo Boingo (Indianola )
by Ewan Wadharmi

The bands represented here mostly do a fine job of replicating the originals, with a few adding their own flavor. Reel Big Fish, for example, place a gentle dub into the lullaby "Close Our Eyes." Clear Static - who sound like they were named after a Boingo song - offer a slightly slower take on "Dead Man's Party," making it just that much creepier. The Matches and Zebrahead turn "Violent Love" into a fantastic Alberto y los Trios Paranoias-styled operetta. Over It add some interesting new notes in "Stay" to perk up the ears. The production and arrangements are great, but Danny Elfman is pretty much a cartoon character as it is, so these caricatures from RX Bandits, The Rocky Raccoons, and Stairwell don't add much new. Jessica Burgan, however, adds a refreshing electro-folk element to "Not My Slave." For a real thrill, check out the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory soundtrack, where Ooompa Loompas do elfmanized versions of Henry Mancini, The Who, Queen, and of course, Oingo Boingo.


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