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The Toy Dolls | Our Last Album | review | punk | Lollipop

The Toy Dolls

Our Last Album? (SOS)
by Scott Hefflon

The Toy Dolls never really caught on in the States to any significant level, and now the game's over. We lost another one cuz the kids have shit taste in music and'll buy Warped Tour bands that're, like, the Whitesnake of today, minus those tricky guitar solos. The guitarist in The Toys Dolls can scream like Warren from The Vandals (hopefully he keeps his clothes on more), and the singer has the thickest, coolest British punk snarl since Johnny Rotten, and The Toy Dolls are a lot more talented and fun. Basically, they can rock like psychobilly, they can grind like any Punk Core band, and they can skip like fruits and get away with it cuz they're funny as hell. The last CD I remember from these guys was on Rotten Records, "known" mostly for black metal and Acid Bath and other stuff most punkers have never heard of. Now on SOS, who dump punk reissues into stores by the dozen, hopefully punkers will actually be able to find this, get it, and realize how awful most other "punk" bands really are. (The cover of Europe's "The Final Countdown" on kazoos is worth the price of the CD. I shoulda thought of that! I did Glen Miller's "In the Mood," but this is far better. No surprise, my tunes suck.)


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