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The New York Rel X | Sold Out of Love | review | punk | Lollipop

The New York Rel-X

Sold Out of Love (TKO)
by Ewan Wadharmi

Velocitous, vociferous, boisterous '77 punk driven by the sickest bassline of the year from Adi. (The One She Adores) NY Rel-X revels in blood and gore in lyrics and artwork, but the streamlined sound is actually very clean. Crisp, intelligible vocals face impressive brisk guitar work reminiscent of Nicky Garrett. The lyrics aren't flowery, but unusual and well put together, "True luck is something you can't fake/ and it's all out on loan/ Bad luck is something I can't shake away from never." For simplicity's sake, Erika sings a bit like Poly Styrene or Penelope Houston. But really, her mild warble is thrilling, confident, and purely Erika. Usually when the boy takes a turn in a girl-fronted band, they're just humoring him as he makes a faceplant. When phenomenal guitarist Jon jumps in on "It's All Wasted," I can assure you, it's not wasted. The interaction between the singers is exhilarating, leaving the need for more. Sold Out is one of those rarities that captures your attention at every turn, each song eliciting a gasp, just for being so damn good.


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