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Start a War (Warner Brothers)
by Scott Hefflon

Yup, no surprises here. Huge chugging grooves and tons of middle school lyrics repeatedly endlessly because it's "anthemic." I can feel my IQ slipping the more I listen to this. These come-latelies are great for people who don't know any better, or don't ask for much from their music, because every lyric, every riff, ever beat here has been done before, and better. Static-X sneak in some synths and noises to be "industrial" (to people who've never heard actual industrial music), but warmed over Ministry is Ministry's domain. People often dismiss Marilyn Manson because he's streamlined his process and is easy to package, but he's actually quite clever and talented, and that becomes very clear when you hear howling, repetitive crap like this that barely scratches the surface of violence, chaos, and frustration, and has no depth whatsoever.


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