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Massacre (Disaster)
by Ewan Wadharmi

Aggressive, abrasive mediumcore punk loaded with tales of heartbreak and revenge, Massacre puts a new coat of blood on a familiar room. The title track is comically graphic, with a Pauly Shore character reporting on decapitated corpses hanging in an apartment while the Civet girls are defiantly hauled away, gangsta style. "State Line" is gentler and more realistic, but still features rip-worthy guitar licks, searing velocity, and the rage against the man that the grrls love so well. Curiously, the boys seem to love angry women who can kick their asses back in line, so everyone wins. The rhythm section of Bombshell Brenz (drums) and Jackie Daniels (bass) are particularly impressive in their irresistible drive. Ms. Liza Graves spouts gruff insults and threats while Suzi Homewrecker lays in wait for a chance to batter some poor soul with a blistering guitar solo. The pitfull of testosterone will slow their swirling slightly to take in the damaged goods onstage. Special note on "Closet Death," the words go "You were a hard working man/ I was selling out my band/ and you bought in." Not as I thought, "You farted."


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