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Alive 2 (2005) (Island)
by Tim Den

Despite my beef with its counterpart, Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991), Alive 2 (2005) distinguishes itself from the rest of the repackaged comps by capturing the electricity around the "classic Anthrax line-up" reunion shows. Fans have heard these songs more times than they can count, but the inclusion of "Time" and "In My World" on top of the monumental occasion makes it worthwhile. It's a chance to hear these gems performed by the original musicians, heavier and better-sounding, thanks to modern equipment. Cuz who knows if this line-up will continue after the shows wind down? Alive 2 (2005) gives fans a souvenir to hang onto that's all killer, no filler. Plus, there are tons of interviews and backstage footage to give one the feeling of being in the middle of all the reunion hoopla. That alone is unique to Alive 2 (2005) and none of the other releases waving the "classic Anthrax songs!" flag (most of which are just studio versions strung together for retarded retrospectives). So pick this one if ya gotta have your Classic 'Thrax in one easy dose, but also pick up The Greater of Two Evils and Music of Mass Destruction to round out the collection.


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