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Accessory | Titan | review | electro | Lollipop


Titan (Metropolis)
by DJ Carrion

Titan marks Accessory's third official album, and their North American debut. Gun shot samples blast off the opening track, "The Faint." The pulsating beat with snarling vocals grabs a hold of you immediately. This track and others include the very trademark Robocop samples, cleverly integrated into the songs.

The two most epic and dancefloor-friendly tracks, "Bad Conditions" and "Mastermind," are so good that on the double disc imported edition, they were made into ring-tones for your cell phone. "Bad Conditions" starts off with a slow loop that transforms into a 4x4 techno beat which roams into a catchy chorus, where "Mastermind" starts off similarly, but with a more epic trance tone to it, and shows off the best of Accessory's musical artillery.

Compared to the two previous albums, Titan delves into a cleaner electro style fused with hard EBM, but lacks power noise-driven floor-pounders like "War of Emotions" (remixed by Feindflug) and "I Say Go." "One Night" might quite possibly be one of the most sexually-charged EBM songs ever written. Laced with moans and German dirty-talking, Fetish Night DJs should take note of this track!

Fans of Front 242 keep watch: These guys breathe it, look it, and after the last 242 album, Pulse, exceed it.


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