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Red Lights Flash | Free | review | punk | Lollipop

Red Lights Flash

Free (A-F)
Bu Ewan Wadharmi

Urgent, thrilling, consuming. The Red Lights' third full-length is driven by the impossible drumming of the machine-man known only as Constantin. The fire-storm is further fueled by brutal guitar and full-throated harmonies. The listener experiences the level of g-force that comes from being strapped to the nose of a JAS 39 Gripen fighter. Like fellow Austrian, the Gubernator, the politically-charged English is broken, but patched. The ideas get through with some assembly. Occasionally, though, the message is more than clear, it's actually eloquent. "On the spur of this moment/you are listening to the words not meant for you/but we don't know what time the lights went out/wiser ones might have done worse in such a pass." The delivery is melodic hardcore with intelligible (if not readily understandable) lyrics. Warped Tour dates and opening slots for Anti-Flag should give the idea that it's got a good beat and you can skate to it.

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