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Overkill | Relix IV | review | metal | Lollipop


Relix IV (Spitfire)
by Ari M. Joffe

Back in the heyday of thrash metal, Overkill was kind of a third tier band. They certainly weren't on the level (in terms of popularity or skill) of Slayer or Anthrax. I'd say they ranked right below b-level bands like Testament and Voivod. I remember hearing their early stuff back in the day, and not being all that impressed. So, I'm pleasantly shocked at just how much I enjoy their new album, Relix IV.

This is a killer thrash metal record: Well-written, precisely-executed, with a down and dirty, raw production style. Most importantly, these New Jersey veterans sound hungry, like a band with a whole hell of a lot to prove. Tunes like "Love," "Play the Ace," and "Loaded Rack" are packed with awesome riffs and catchy-as-hell, old-school sing-along choruses. I'm admittedly not familiar with Overkill's entire back catalog, but this album totally surpasses anything else I've heard from them. Very cool!

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