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Create Bands

by Chad Van Wagner

The whole punk thing was supposedly about anyone being able to form a band. The Normal ("Warm Leatherette") mainman Daniel Miller said that electronics were the ultimate punk instrument, since you didn't need to know how to play them AT ALL. Miller went on to start up Mute Records, so obviously, he's smarter than most of us. We should probably trust him on this one.

I'm not real sure Miller thought out all the ramifications of his assertion, however, because he most likely didn't imagine the Internet. has taken this idea to a fairly goofy extreme: You can go to their site and literally manufacture a band, which will then help you manufacture a song.

But, as any enterprising Lou Perelman (look him up on the Internet) will tell you, the music is but one small part of the equation. Lighting, stage design, even mixing, are all available for whatever you decide to name your group. And you can get them to, uh, jam. Although, so far as I can tell, you can't save your little creation.

Granted, you're limited to the resources at hand. One dorky-ass Tommy Lee wannabe, generic chick bassists, etc. But whaddya want for free? is good for an hour or so of mild amusement, which is more than I can say for my life on the whole.


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