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The Only Children | Change of Living | review | alternative | Lollipop

The Only Children

Change of Living (Glurp)
By Tim Den

Those of you (meaning the smart folks) who loved The Anniversary's blossoming from emocrap to psych-masters on their last record, Your Majesty, will love The Only Children. Founded by 3/5ths of The Anniversary (guitarist/vocalist Josh Berwanger, bassist/backup vocalist James David, and drummer Christian "Janko" Jankowski), The Only Children are an even deeper dive into rustic Americana and Southern-accented melodies without losing that AM pop heart. Augmented by Some Girls (Juliana Hatfield's band) piano player/backup vocalist Heidi-Lynne Gluck and lilting pedal steel, Change of Living narrates tales of killing, living, and everything in between as only the best (alt)country/folk songs can. There are fields of corn in the verses and bloody rivers in the choruses, shimmering colors under the blind eyes of Midwestern plains. It's imagery embedded so deep within music that it only takes a second to transport you.

Weep for The Anniversary's passing no more, for The Only Children are here to comfort you like a gun in a farmer's hand.

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