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The Hostage Heart | Where There Is Despair Hope | review | metal | Lollipop

The Hostage Heart

Where There Is Despair, Hope (Five Point)
by Adrian Bromley

When you are faced with uncertainty, all there is sometimes is a split-second reaction before everything goes awry. That is how I felt when I first heard Where There Is Despair, Hope by The Hostage Heart. Like a thunderous Mack truck rolling down upon you, you either get out of the way or take the hit. I took the hit, my body bloody and bruised, crashing to the ground under the weight of this diverse hardcore/thrash/death metal act's walloping aggression. No doubt, these guys have the right attitude and guidance (Christian and straight-edge attributes) to allow them to persevere as one of the up and coming acts to take note of. Fans of this genre would be fools to avoid the power of THH. And I've got to be honest here, the song "The First Signs of Worldly Cancer" is one of the best songs I've heard in months. My bruises are still healing.

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