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Super Heavy Goat Ass | 60000 Years | review | rock | Lollipop

Super Heavy Goat Ass

60,000 Years (Arclight)
by Craig Regala

Smooth, righteous "heavy rock." 60,000 Years locks between classicist hard-edged Southern fare, stoner-hump (go ahead, put 'em in front of Alabama Thunderpussy's crowd), and the hard rock dynamics bred from childhood exposure to the influence of Uriah Heep, The Who, B.Ö.C., and the forefather's of badass disrespected hard-grunt action. Like who? Like Black Oak Arkansas, Raging Slab, Bloodrock, Blackfoot, The Big F, Captain Beyond... shiiiiit, a whole buncha folks.

Totally in-tune with the general Arclight ethos (these guys put out Amplified Heat 'n' Hognose with The Brought Low/Dixie Witch comin' up, ya know?), a label run by a fine young fella with a helluva ZZ Top jones. Heck, at times, the general craft and tunefulness puts me in mind of a BTO for this century. I'd imagine since I mentioned this, they'll run right out and record BTO's "Sledgehammer." I love it when that shit happens.


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