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Lit Up Lighters | review | product | Lollipop

Lit Up Lighters

by Scott Hefflon

Hotrod/pin-up, anime/movie, and custom lighters for $9. Can't beat it. Prick Magazine had cool, cheap lighters, I followed a link, and called a bud so we could do that "dude, you have to check this one out!" bonding thing. Then I called Chuck (his home number is on the site, brave man), and now he's doing our Lollipop lighters. Short runs. For cheap.

Wanna get a cool Fight Club or Nightmare Before Christmas or Cowboy BeBop lighter? How about a cool skull or anarchy symbol or half-naked pin-up girl? A chopper? A hot rod? How about ordering lighters with your drooling baby's photo on them? Or maybe your band's logo? Or some slogan you think is funny that Hot Topic hasn't thought of yet?

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