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Dirty Book Art

by Scott Hefflon

Say it with me: "dirty... book... art." That's what it is. A site devoted to the pre-Fabio supermarket pulp, and not "historically-significant censorship-challenging stuff" like Lady Chatterly's Lover. Great titles, cool artwork, and, uh, well, I don't think I've ever finished a single book. But I have a couple. And I leave them around to seem worldly. This is naughty, titillating, sly and clever wordplay, not creampie screen captures with lame claims of stupid slut tricked into blowing boss bullshit. (Yeah, I know, those sites have words? Who knew?)

I'm a sucker for alliteration. Trailer Trollop, Sorority Snob, and Casting Couchers may not be Shakespearean, but it's better than "huh-huh, look at the boobies."

You can get "aged/distressed" tees, coasters (coated, not matte), mouse pads, pins (four-piece set free with every order), and, uh, Herbal Silk Dream Pillows and Silk Sachets. I scoffed, but both girls in the office snatched them before I was done saying "what the fuck are these?"

Everyone wears band tees. Herbal Silk Dream Pillows and Silk Sachets in limit supply may cause catfighting. Seeing as individuality is now expressed by what you buy, why not buy some cool, suggestive stuff?


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