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The Infamous and Notorious (Manic Ride)
by Adrian Bromley

Hallelujah! Finally, a band that goes on a crusade to bring about a sound/style that isn't just rehashed junk. And damn, they do it so well. Managing to mesh the vivid flow of '70s rock and a heavyset hardcore drive, Massachusetts' R'N'R kick it out with style and rockin' intensity. Think solid Black Sabbath/Thin Lizzy/AC/DC/Queen features meshed with the hardcore punk vibe of the Boston hardcore scene. It may sound bizarre, but once you hear the album, you'll hear just how much effort the band took to bring about a really creative vibe to this album. Choice cuts: "Can't Stop the Rock," "Hardcore," and "Weak Ass Shit." The Infamous and Notorious is a fun and infectious album, and at 25+minutes, it's perfect for pumping oneself up.

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