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Psyclon Nine | INRI | review | electro | Lollipop

Psyclon Nine

INRI (Metropolis)
by DJ Carrion

Psyclon Nine became one of the leaders in the "Terror EBM" movement a few years back. Marshall Carnage brilliantly fuses black metal and EBM, adding guitars and string-textured sounds, which should appeal to both audiences.

"Hymn to the Angel's Descent" is both vicious and beautiful, the lyrics and music painting chaos and destruction leading to an angel's fall from grace.

Eric Gottesman, formerly of See Colin Slash, is now part of Psyclon Nine and contributes the track "Requiem for the Christian Era," based on a traditional Hebrew prayer. It's a hymn-like song with clear vocals, using no distortion, on top of a funeral procession-style drumbeat accompanied by soft strings.

One of the biggest attractions is the much-publicized cover of Ministry's "You Know What You Are." Ministry covers don't come about very often, and when they do, they aren't pretty.

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