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One True Thing | Finally | review | alternative | Lollipop

One True Thing

Finally... (Play the Assassin)
By Scott Hefflon

Sometimes, just sometimes, a bio sez it best. (Not often, cuz bios are notoriously full of empty hype, massive exaggeration and flat-out lies, but sometimes, they actually nail it.) "Long Island, New York - The suburb that brought you indie heavyweights such as Glassjaw, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, & From Autumn To Ashes... unleash One True Thing."

From there, it tells how the band used to be called Scarab a decade ago, signed to Gotham and eventually bought their own record back, toured, fought, replaced band members, and singer Melanie Wills sung on From Autumn To Ashes' "Short Stories with Tragic Endings" and "Autumn's Monologue." If little flags didn't go up here and there, either you don't pay attention, or you're simply not into the current crop of indie pop/rock, and who can really blame you? I, for one (of many), don't care for most of the weak rock shit released by Vagrant, Fearless, The Militia Group, Victory, Triple Crown, and don't even get me started on Drive-Thru... 4-Non Blondes and Sinead were alternative. I mention them because Melanie Wills is powerhouse singer. Part tender/vulnerable girl, part proud and strong woman who's standing her ground, she sounds a lot like early Sinead (or The Cranberries, only a lot more rock) fronting a modern day indie pop rock band. It's pretty exciting to listen to Finally... and realize in a few years, this might be as mainstream and watered-down as Bif Naked, No Doubt, The Donnas, Sahara Hotnights, or any other sold-out rock that started off vital and pure.

One True Thing is hot. Find this record, love it, make it a part of your life. It's only a matter of time before "they" catch on and ruin it.

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