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Motion City Soundtrack | Commit This to Memory | review | alternative | Lollipop

Motion City Soundtrack

Commit This to Memory (Epitaph)
by Jessica Parker

Ecstatic for this sophomore album from one of my favorite bands, I had mixed feelings when I learned that Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 would be producing it. With thoughts that Hoppus would turn my favorite snyth-rock outfit into something of the common persuasion, I nervously held my breath before pushing play. Relief. The snyth is still there. The bounciness of their songs still makes my head bop along to the beat. Justin Pierre's vocals still geek me out. And the songs still make me want to dance in that cool punk-rock way with one leg always moving. Nothing against Blink-182, but there are few bands that can create as unique a sound as Motion City Soundtrack.

But here's what's different: The production is definitely cleaner than their debut, I Am the Movie. They sound like a professional band now. The songs don't nearly have the same bite as "The Future Freaks Me Out" or "Boombox Generation," but the album marks them (no pun intended) as a bit older. They reminisce and take a stab at introspection rather just making crazy synth songs. They've progressed and are trying new ways to incorporate the snyth (listen to "Lgfuad"). The catchiness remains, but with a more a subdued tone. "Better Open the Door" shows they're still capable of making a completely fun, catchy song, but "Together We'll Ring in the New Year," shows off their new mature turn. And the most important question: What has Mark Hoppus done? I'd have to say a good job. For the first album he's produced, he's chosen a great band. And it seems he's smoothed out the rough (but lovable) edges to a group of amazing songs.


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