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Million Dollar Marxists | Give it a Name | review | rock | Lollipop

Million Dollar Marxists

Give it a Name (Gearhead)
By Craig Regala

Rama-lama punk rock and roll rolling down a highway paved by the first couple New Bomb Turks LPs. Zooming riffage, stump-jumper rhythm section, and nicely held vocals articulate sensible thoughts about, ya know, stuff. Smart enough to know the punk language from its long history; absorbing the four decades of short-sharp-shock like their long lost countrymen, Resin Scrapper, The Forgotten Rebels, The Femmes, and Slow. For some reason, I think the bass is one of the keys to this. Hmmmm, it's the placement and support of the four string, so the guitars can be as simply effective as they need to be. You know it's a good recording when you can tell that, too. The quality is high enough and the appeal broad enough that they could tour with Rocket From The Crypt. So there.

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