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Kill Your Idols | From Companionship to Competition | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Kill Your Idols

From Companionship to Competition (Side One Dummy)
by Tim Den

Like the CD tray says, "it's supposed to be a lifestyle, not a fad." The world of hardcore has of lately fallen into the mainstream trappings previously occupied by glam and pop punk, and bands like Kill Your Idols don't like it one bit. See, Kill Your Idols - along with Sick Of It All - have been at the game for as long as they have because it's their life. And maybe it's possible for people to douse their head with hairspray or whine really loud about girls to fit into the aforementioned genres, but when it comes to hardcore, there's simply no faking it. Kill Your Idols are the real thing. They sound like it, smell like it, and live like it. You can almost feel the street smarts ooze from their music. When one of their songs 1-2-3-4 burns through your face, there's no eyeliner or studded belts to make you pretty afterward. This is blue collar, pure-hearted hardcore that will outlive its polished counterparts and be remembered for generations to come. Long live true hardcore.

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