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Dare I Say (Meteor City)
By Craig Regala

Classic rock from yahoos who grew up with Misfits and Metallica: The form is riff-based blues based swagger that wouldn't cause a Fastway or Thin Lizzy fan to lose any sleep. The tactile nature of the attack is fuller with a pervasive bottom-end hum and bite taking it away from any retro-'70s definition, while keeping the songcraft of the classic arena stuff. Guys from Supafuzz, Earshot, and Orquestra del Desierto link up with Mr. John Garcia, who peddled his wares in Kyuss, Sloburn, and Unida. All great rock units. The sound, production, and arrangement of the material leaves enough space to let everything breath and the grooves swing along. Fun fact: The song "Roll Over" sounds like it was lifted from Fatima Mansion's vicious "Blues For Ceauseseu."

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