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Heimataerde | Gotteskrieger | review | electro | Lollipop


Gotteskrieger (Metropolis)
by DJ Carrion

With the Euro outweighing the American dollar, it only made sense for Metropolis to license the debut album by Heimataerde. The best way to describe their unique style would be if Wumpscut and Suicide Commando were highly influenced by medieval times. The songs are thumping EBM creations, but include what sounds like bag pipe samples to separate them from the pack.

The opening track, "Non Nobis," plays out as an instrumental piece for a knight creating a sword on a cold dark night. A sample of good old Bruce Campbell from Army of Darkness kicks off "Moerder," and then lots of creepy German kid samples hiss and groan broken sentences, adding an eerie effect to the song. Only American directors remaking Japanese horror flicks could dream of such creepy little kids. "Ich Hab Die Nacht Getraeumet" was the masses' first taste of this band, from the EP limited to 666 copies worldwide.

While having an intriguing concept, it'll be difficult for American audiences to accept this album with open arms unless they're fluent in the Deutsch.


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