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Disconnection Notice (Maverick)
By Jessica Parker

Goldfinger's pop-punk returns with a vengeance in Disconnection Notice. They even landed a producers most pop-punk bands would kill for – John Feldman. Oh wait, he's their lead singer... Feldman's producing credits the last few years include The Used, Mest, Good Charlotte, and Story Of The Year. Fortunately, none of those bands' sound has rubbed off on Goldfinger. This album starts out with "My Everything," a track that's a bit heavy in terms of Goldfinger songs, but in a refreshing way. The band's progress is evidenced throughout entire album. It's still the fun Goldfinger of their self-titled debut, with some horns and a ska influence perceptible in the fourth track, "Uncomfortable." However, Goldfinger remains innovative with "Damaged," a song that samples an Indian vocal and uses mandolins. Yep, mandolins. The song is interesting and a high point on the album. One of the most important aspects of the band is their stand on animal cruelty and veganism, a theme of a lot of the songs. Feldman even references the police raid of his home a couple of years ago in "Iron Fist." Disconnection Notice takes risks, but they're worth it. A definite improvement from their last album (which was still decent). Goldfinger may be getting older, but they're still rocking out, and doing it better than most of the young pop-punkers.

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