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Goldfrapp | Wonderful Electric Live in London | review | dvd | Lollipop


Wonderful Electric Live in London (Mute)
by Tim Den

Excuse my language, but FUCKING BALLS is this mindblowing! Portishead, Elysian Fields, Alpha, you have all been defeated. The award for the most mystically sensual, futuristically seductive, cryptically erotic electronica/trip hop act goes - hands down - to Goldfrapp. I was previously only slightly acquainted with the group's enigmatic existence (only sole member seems to be the delicious dirty blonde frontwoman), but upon viewing this DVD, I've become enraptured with its moody, brooding tempos and overcast emotions. With two discs covering two separate sets filmed over the span of three years, Wonderful Electric Live in London presents Goldfrapp as orchestra, siren song, and Björk-worthy wizardry in one. Its lazy, jazzy melodies are haunting, and the overall stage sets are both sophisticated and cutting edge - at once reminiscent of classical concerts and the Tomorrow World of IDM. Through it all there's a sense of naughty perversion hiding under proper attire, as if the vocalist is wearing no panties beneath her fashionable outfit, which only makes everything that much more engrossing. To quote The New York Times, this is "an electronic Eden where all is sensuality."

Experience your deepest desires, sorrows, fetishes, and dress-up fantasies through Wonderful Electric Live in London. Just don't forget to bring a box of Kleenex.

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