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Darkthrone | Sardonic Wrath | review | metal | Lollipop


Sardonic Wrath (The End)
by Eric Chon

As a firm mocker of all things black metal, I was sure Darkthrone was going to just get dropped in my "shit" pile. Well, slap that corpse-paint on me like fucking King Diamond, I'm a convert! The first actual song (the first track is just ambient noise) is typical black metal crap: You know, unrelenting blast beats and crappy-as-hell production, but the rest of the album has a groove similar to late Entombed or even Motörhead. Can I use the term black'n'roll without sounding like an ass? No, but it certainly fits. Sardonic Wrath is very rock 'n' roll, with a great groove and lots of headbangin' beats. Darkthrone has kicked serious ass with this release, and I'd kill a goat and drink it's blood for more.

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