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Combichrist | Everybody Hates You | review | electro | Lollipop


Everybody Hates You (Metropolis)
by DJ Carrion

Icon of Coil leader Andy LaPlegua unleashes the deadliest of his cards with the newest album by one of his many side projects, Combichrist. Everybody Hates You is a 13-track crash-course, fueled by Jack Daniels, in debauchery, serial killers, abuse, backstabbing, snake girls, and much more. "This Shit Will Fuck You Up" comes off like a harder, grittier version of Benny Bennasi's "Satisfaction" with the computerized female vocals channeling along with the beats. While the majority of the tracks are dark electro-inspired cuts, "Enjoy the Abuse" and "Lying Sack of Shit" are the two most brutal and devastating tracks. "God Bless" uses cold female vocals with a thumping beat to give you a brief history lesson on the names of almost every famous serial killer.

There've been too many samples of Full Metal Jacket used, but on "This Is My Rifle," they're used in a way only Combichrist could. They repeat the famous "This Is My Rifle, It Is My Life" using a vocoder, blending it together with the beat, serving up a strong dance cocktail.

While the previous album, The Joy of Gunz, had success mainly as an outlet for power noise, Combichrist went into hibernation and emerged as something bigger and better. The melting pot of influences and the mastermind behind it make this album a classic that will be held in high regard for years to come.

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