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Callenish Circle | Forbidden Empathy | review | metal | Lollipop

Callenish Circle

Forbidden Empathy (Candlelight)
by Eric Chon

Two discs of tedium and mediocre metal. That about sums it up, really. I expected more from Callenish Circle. Both Flesh Power Dominion and My Passion Your Pain were fast, thrashy metal albums at their finest. They really struck a great balance between melody and brutality. However, with this two-disc snoozefest, the Circle have slowed down their high-velocity delivery for an almost dirgy, slough-like tedium. Their high-spirited attack has been replaced by pomp and grandiose silliness. Synths prevail on several tracks, making you wonder if someone snipped off their balls.

Certain songs, like "Scars," stand out, reminding you why you originally took a shine to Callenish Circle. However, these moments are few and far between, especially with the weight of two discs to slog through.

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