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Blue Rose Liar | Sycamore | review | rock | Lollipop

Blue Rose Liar

Sycamore (Brasselm Industries)
by Adrian Bromley

Right out of the starting gate, it's quite obvious Blue Rose Liar are not your average band meshing together punk, rock, and hardcore. On the surface, sure, they emanate the flow of Quicksand, Kiss It Goodbye, and at times, the manic flare of Today Is The Day, but under underneath it all is a powerful fusion of rage, melody, and uncertainty. The end result: An album that conveys a multitude of emotions and styles without sounding too forced or contrived. Choice cuts: "Penumbra," "Grey Judas," and "On the Six Cornered Snowflake." As much as the band push their homage to other bands, it's nice to see Blue Rose Liar find their signature sound.

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