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No. 1
By Daniel Warner (Slave Labor)
by Sarah Katz

Well, this is everything except normal, in a most pleasant way. John Victory, the main character, is a writer/boozer with some very strange friends. Screwdriver part one begins with a wedding party at a swank hotel created by the devil (or some crazy Satanist, I didn't get to check the back of his neck). When women, or turtles aren't falling into John's lap, he's got someone out to get him. Look for appearances by Death, a very cute two-headed chick, and some salty wit.

The art is simple, black and white, sticking (for most of it) to sick panels, and doing a damn good job at it. I was truly surprised by the comic. It looked mediocre at first glance, but turned out to be a quite enjoyable read. I'm wondering why John is wearing red nail polish on the cover, but I'm sure it will all be explained in due time.

It's fun and enjoyable to follow John Victory's narration, which leads you back and forth in time. It's obvious, and amusing, that John doesn't take any shit from anyone, not even you. Looking forward to the next installment titled "The Plot Thins."

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