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7 Seconds | Take it Back Take it On Take it Over | review | punk | Lollipop

7 Seconds

Take it Back, Take it On, Take it Over! (Side One Dummy)
by Tim Den

The title pretty much says it all. Like labelmates Kill Your Idols, 7 Seconds are on a crusade to rid hardcore of the commercialized bullshit that's piled on the genre these past few years. And who better to do so than these living legends? I mean, who doesn't know the words to The Crew and Walk Together, Rock Together? Take it Back... continues the band's "back to basics" approach that Good to Go started, offering no respite from breakneck speeds and semi-melodic shouted anthems. There's just something about Kevin Seconds' voice that makes you wanna jump up and scream along, and this album's no different. Though it's wishful thinking that the re-purification of hardcore could happen with steadfast albums such as Take it Back..., the fact that we the true get to bathe in such ferocity from one of the founding fathers is more cause to keep trying!


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