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Peter Pan

by Nairobi Collins

This has to be the most deranged thing I have ever seen. This man apparently lives his life as Peter Pan. This lifestyle includes designing and wearing Peter Pan-style clothing every day as normal clothing. He lives in Florida, works god knows where, and has even garnered the attention of Conan O'Brien. You have to see this shit to believe it. As you're trolling through the site, Disney music is piped in the background and Tinkerbell is flapping all over the page. As you view the pictures, you wonder what kind of sick, sick man is responsible for this, and if you read on, you'll find out.

One would suspect that senor freako was gay and looking for young boys to fly off to Never-Never Land with him, but he's not. In fact, he's looking for the perfect Tinkerbell. What's really amazing about this site is that it is actually real. Look at the fashion page and be shocked and amazed. The pointy shoes, those frilly shorts, that crazy hat; it's all there! All that's missing is a straightjacket and a court order. All jokes aside, although this site is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen that didn't involve death or sex, it's pretty cool that someone would follow his belief with such determination and create a whole lifestyle out of it.
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