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Divine Interventions

by Nairobi Collins

If the Orwellian creature feature does in fact break your brain in such ways that you'll never return to humanity a sane or whole person, visit Divine Interventions and place an order. Within a week, you'll have in your hands a culmination of everything you've experienced in cyberspace; the sex, the violence, the mechanical enhancement, and the defamation of Christ's holy name.

At first glance, this site appears to be the usual weapons of the holy rolling clan; crosses, weird words, and Jesus looking as cheerful as he always. But when you realize what you're really looking at, and then look at the number of hits this site gets, you'll not have to guess if the path to hell is truly paved with good intentions! (Nor if there's lots of [web] traffic on the Highway to Hell. Sorry. -ed) Just imagine asking your girlfriend "Do you have a little Jesus in you? Or are you using the big one?" Holy handgrenades, Batman! What's Jesus gonna do now? I'm probably going to hell for writing this, but you really need to check this out. All you need is a pussy (or access to one) and a complete lack of respect for all things holy, and you can have your own religious experience!


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